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Auto Accident Attorney

The Chris Johns Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident and are preparing to file a car accident insurance claim or settle your car accident claim, keep in mind that you may benefit from consulting a car accident attorney before you file.  Simple claims where liability is clear and damage is minimal can usually be handled alone, but if you have been injured in a car accident, your vehicle has suffered damage, you’ve had to miss work to recover, there are questions about who is at fault, or the insurance claim process is confusing then you can improve your chances of getting the money that you deserve by talking to an experienced car accident lawyer.

Car insurance companies want to avoid significant financial payouts and will not make it easy for you to recover the money that you are owed.   The claim process is often complex, particularly when injuries or damage to the vehicle are included and working with an experienced attorney will help even the playing field when working with large insurance providers.

Finding the Right Attorney in NE Florida

When you are looking for a car accident attorney in Orange Park or Jacksonville, you need someone who has a proven track record of working with clients to recover the money they are owed from insurance companies.  Our attorneys at the Chris Johns Accident Attorney have the experience, dedication, and commitment to our clients that you deserve when you pursue a car accident claim.   Lawyers with the Chris Johns Accident Attorney treat you as a partner, and work with you personally to ensure your needs are addressed by your car accident claim.  When you hire the Chris Johns Accident Attorney you are getting:

  • Attorneys with Experience: Our firm has 32+ years of experience working with clients after a car accident injury. We have been in the industry for a long time and know what it takes to get you the money you deserve.
  • Attorneys with Knowledge: Our lead car accident attorney Chris Johns knows how to work with insurance companies because he used to work for them. Chris’s experience working for insurance companies gives him and his clients a leg up.
  • A Personal Commitment: The car accident attorneys at the Chris Johns Accident Attorney will work with you directly to investigate your accident, assess your claim, and help you pursue the money you deserve. You won’t work with third party investigators or case workers – everything you need will be handled by an attorney personally.
  • A Flexible Ally: Our attorneys will meet you at one of our many conference locations across town, your home, the hospital, or any other location that is convenient for you to provide free legal advice about your car accident claim.
  • Important Legal Information: During our free consultation, our lawyer will explain your rights after a car accident and the steps you need to take to have your medical bills paid, how to receive loss wages, how to have your car repaired, and how you can get your life back on track after a car accident.
  • Affordable Representation: When you hire the Chris Johns Accident Attorney you don’t pay us a penny until you are paid first.
  • A Local Perspective: Our attorneys are from Jacksonville and Orange Park and will fight hard for members of our community who need representation against large insurance companies. We care about our neighbors and are committed to their successful car accident claims.

Chris Johns Attorneys Have a Record of Success

In the 32+ years we have represented clients in car accident claims, we have established a proven track record of success.  Some highlights of our career include:

  • * A jury award of $1,097,774.60 after rejecting an insurance company offer of $20,000
  • * A jury award of $ 2,414,050.00 after rejecting an insurance company offer of $20,000
  • * A jury award of $ 2,161,654.39after rejecting an insurance company offer of $50,000
  • * 1000’s of clients who have received more financial compensation for damages and injuries sustained in a car accident than insurance companies offer in a settlement

Working with our attorneys gives you an advantage when dealing with insurance companies and gives you the best opportunity to recover the money you are owed after suffering a car accident.  Filing a car accident claim can be a confusing and challenging process, and when you do it alone you risk losing out on financial compensation.  Don’t let the money you deserve slip through your fingers!  Contact the Chris Johns Accident Attorney today for your free car accident claim consultation.

Our attorneys are committed to working with you directly to help you recover the financial compensation you need.  We will treat you and your case with the dignity and respect you deserve, and fight for your successful financial recovery.  We are local attorneys who care about Jacksonville and its people, and we are prepared to help you get what you deserve out of a car accident claim.

Contact us today at (904)398-9893 for your free car accident claim consultation today.

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