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Dog Bite

A recent study by the American Veterinary Medical Association concluded that almost half of the victims of dog attacks are children under the age of 12 and twenty percent of those killed by animal attacks are elderly. At an annual estimated cost of $1 billion, an experienced dog attack attorney is required when dealing with big insurance industry adjusters. Animal attacks can cause a great deal of physical and emotional damage to victims and it is very important to have the right legal representation to obtain a fair settlement for your claim. If you or a loved one is the victim of a dog attack, seek immediate medical attention, report the instance and obtain the best legal representation to fight for your rights.

Animal Bite Attorney in NE Florida

dog bite attorney in NE Florida can play a vital role in representing your claim when you or a family member has been attacked by someone’s uncontained animal. The facts are, dog bites are reaching epidemic proportions in the United States with nearly 5 million new attacks each year and over three-quarters of a million victims requiring medical attention. Dog bites are a serious public health hazard that can cause disfigurement, permanent disabilities or even death. You should never attempt to pursue an animal bite claim without the proper legal representation. Give Chris Johns Accident Attorney a call at (904) 398-98935 for a free consultation.

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An animal bite victim can help protect his or her rights by acting in a timely manner to secure the legal services of an animal bite attorney in NE Florida. A personal injury report should be filed immediately with animal control and law enforcement to document the details of the attack. When seeking medical attention, it is also valuable to take pictures of any injuries such as cuts, abrasions, bruises and bite marks that may require stitches or leave scars. The owner of any animal has the responsibility for keeping that animal in control and away from people and other pets. In addition to recovering compensation for medical claims, a qualified Jacksonville or Orange Park animal bite attorney can help you receive reimbursements for lost wages and other personal damages.

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