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Motorcycle Accident

Searching for a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in NE Florida? Chris Johns Accident Attorney helps clients injured in motor vehicle accidents get their lives back on track. Dealing with the other driver’s insurance company can be risky. Their goal is to settle the claim for the lowest amount possible. Don’t let the insurance companies frustrate you with their complicated process and endless paperwork. We can walk through the steps to obtain a fair settlement for your property damage, lost wages, medical expenses and pain & suffering. In Jacksonville, call Chris Johns Accident Attorney at (904) 398-9893.

A motorcycle accident lawyer in NE Florida can help you obtain financial compensation for medical costs, lost wages and rehabilitation if you sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers who simply fail to watch for two-wheel motorists. In fact, the National Highway Safety Administration estimates that approximately 2,000 people are killed in motorcycle accidents every year with over 50,000 motorcyclists injured in a motor vehicle crash. If you have received injuries or lost a loved one in a motorcycle or scooter accident, let Chris Johns Accident Attorney fight for your rights.

NE Florida Auto Accident Attorney

For a NE Florida auto accident attorney, call Chris Johns Accident Attorney. The facts are, most truck insurance policies are generally written for much higher liability coverage than typical passenger vehicles policies. This alone means the commercial insurance carrier is apt to have a team of defense attorneys ready to represent any claim against their policy holder in the event of a semi-truck accident. In most cases, before a commercial truck driver ever cranks the motor, the truck and trailer must be inspected to ensure that all routine maintenance has been done and that the truck’s load is secure and manageable. In addition, a large truck driver is required to keep a precise log of driving times. Make sure your claim is fairly represented, call a Florida auto accident attorney before you settle.

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