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Have you been charged with Burglary?

Burglary and Theft are crimes that are taken very seriously in Florida. Without the proper legal representation of a theft lawyer an individual who is charged with theft or burglary does not stand much of a chance in the court system. A burglary defense attorney is one who is well versed in the law regarding burglary & theft and has the knowledge to defend your case effectively.

A burglary defense attorney in the NE Florida area will be able to best represent individuals who have been charged with the crime of burglary, armed robbery or any other type of crime that falls under the category of burglary or theft. Burglary can be defined as breaking and entering into a home or place of business and depending on the action it can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor.

Florida law officials take both robbery and burglary extremely seriously which is why it is going to be necessary to obtain the services of a burglary defense attorney if you or someone you know has been charged with burglary and is in need of grand theft defense.

What is the difference between robbery and burglary?

  • Robbery can be defined as an action that uses force, violence or assault on the individual that goods, property, or money is being stolen from. Robbery is considered to be a felony and if found guilty an individual can be sentenced up to 15 years of prison time. In the case that possession of a weapon during commission of the crime was used, sentencing of up to thirty years behind bars can be given to the guilty.
  • Burglary is also known as breaking and entering. It does not matter if it is a home invasion, business, building or motor vehicle of any sort. If there is intention of committing a crime inside then it is considered to be a burglary. If found guilty of burglary an individual can face between 5 years to a lifetime behind bars. Depending on the severity of a burglary it can be charged as a first-degree felony.

Consequences of grand theft and petit theft?

  • Jail and prison time
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Treatment of some sort mandated by the court system
  • A permanent criminal record

Common theft offenses individuals are accused of?

  • Robbery
  • Armed robbery
  • Shoplifting
  • Identity theft
  • Trafficking or possession of stolen property

Seek the legal representation of a burglary defense attorney

If you or someone you know is being charged with either burglary or theft a burglary defense attorney is going to be needed. Not only does being found guilty of burglary or theft come with legal consequences but it can also prevent a person from being employable in the future. It is very common for employers to do background checks on the individuals that they are considering employing. A grand theft defense will carefully study each case that they come across so that they are able to provide the best defense for their client.

Do not make the mistake of going to a Florida court for a burglary / theft charge without the proper legal representation of a grand theft lawyer. If you or someone you know in the NE Florida area has been charged with a theft / burglary crime, the best possible thing that can be done is to retain the services of a grand theft lawyer as soon as possible.

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