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Have You Been Charged with a Criminal Traffic Violation in Jacksonville?

While many people believe traffic offenses are straightforward cases, the reality is that not every attorney is capable of providing the comprehensive representation needed to win.

While there are several lawyers to choose from, you need an advocate who will tirelessly argue your case until you achieve a fair settlement. Our seasoned Jacksonville traffic crime offense attorney will inform you of what you are up against, your legal rights and legal options that will ultimately help you come out on top.

You’re driving along a road, maybe singing out loud to the radio, when suddenly you see flashing blue and red lights in your rear-view mirror and hear a loud police siren. Busted! Next thing you know, you’re a not-so-lucky recipient of a traffic ticket that costs more than a month’s worth of gas.

So, what do you do next? You have several options, although the last option is best:

  • Pay your ticket without attending traffic school
  • Pay your ticket and attend traffic school
  • Contest your traffic ticket in traffic court without legal representation
  • Hire an attorney to contest your traffic ticket in traffic court (the best option)

Getting a traffic crime charge, whether it is culpable negligence, careless driving, hit and run or even driving while license suspended can be extremely stressful. It doesn’t help that the stigma attached to traffic criminals is quite harsh and unforgiving. Between paying fines, increased insurance premiums, and facing possible jail time, a conviction for a traffic crime can severely impact a person’s personal, professional and social life. By retaining a traffic lawyer in NE Florida, you increase your chances of getting reduced penalties such as avoiding fines, jail, driving points added to your record or a withhold of adjudication, meaning you won’t have a permanent mark on your record and points on your driver’s license.

Jacksonville is a big city consisting of many drivers, meaning a traffic crime is much easier to commit compared to less populated cities. As such, if you got were accused of a traffic crime, it is in your best interests to retain aggressive defense to yield the best possible results. An experienced lawyer will examine every detail of your case and formulate a strong plan of action to help maximize your chances of resolving your traffic crime charges.

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The easiest and most effective way to handle your case is to hire our Jacksonville traffic crime offenses lawyer, who will go above and beyond to help minimize the impacts of your charges. Contact Chris Johns Law Group at (904) 398-9893 to get started!

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