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Workers Compensation

A NE Florida construction accident attorney will tell you that a construction site is typically a more hazardous place to work than the average workplace. In fact, large commercial sites, work environments where heavy equipment is used, jobs where delivery trucks are being loaded or unloaded, or industrial settings where hazardous materials are handled, account for many serious construction accidents each year. Additionally, mistakes on the part of co-workers account for many construction accidents and may require a thorough investigation to determine negligence and liability. In the United States, construction accidents are the leading cause of employee fatalities and, in order to protect the rights of someone injured on the job, may require a NE Florida construction accident attorney that is experienced in both state and federal Worker’s Compensation laws for proper representation.

Workplace Accident Lawyer in Orange Park and Jacksonville

Searching for a workplace accident lawyer in NE Florida? The legal team at Chris Johns Accident Attorney is ready to investigate your work accident for negligence and determine an amount for fair compensation of your personal injury claim. Although workman’s compensation insurance policies do have limitations as to what will qualify for reimbursement, there are many factors to be considered such as third-party liability for failures that result in personal damages. Depending upon the degree of injury and cause of the accident, your workplace accident lawyer may recommend filing one of several types of claims to recover immediate medical expenses, future medical costs, loss of wages and other personal damages. Any worker seriously injured in the workplace is likely eligible for reimbursements but a workers compensation attorney can seek a fair settlement based on specific circumstances when negligence, recklessness or product failure is to blame.

NE Florida Construction Accident Attorney

NE Florida worker’s compensation attorney can make a difference in your settlement of damages resulting from a workplace accident or construction site accident. Defective equipment and workplace products are both common causes of worker’s compensation claims and wrongful death lawsuits. If you have lost wages or are unable to work due to an accident at work, you are likely entitled to receive a fair settlement for relief of financial stress, pain & suffering, emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life. All workers compensation insurance carriers are primarily concerned with keeping their claim’s costs as low as possible. To ensure proper legal representation, call NE Florida worker’s compensation attorneys – Chris Johns Law Group at (904) 398-9893 for your free consultation.

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